A sequence of yoga poses should be a journey that unfolds with purpose, intelligence, and harmony. Many 200hour trainings will have students memorize a specific sequence or format, without providing the tools required to then build a sequence on their own.

Yoga asana was never intended to be about finding a particular alignment for each pose, but rather it is about finding the best alignment for the individual, in order to offer the greatest energetic benefits. There is so much more to sequencing than just throwing poses together that might seemingly "fit", it is basically a choreography where certain movements go together, and others do not.

As yoga instructors, it is our responsibility to deliver sequences that not only feel incredible in the body, but enable union between the body, mind and spirit of each individual student. This course is designed for current, or future yoga teachers, who want to learn how to create intelligent and unique sequences that offer space for transformation.

Course Curriculum

– Learn Where Vinyasa Comes From

– Discover the Importance of "Wise Progression"

– Understand How Energetics are Involved in Every Pose

– Explore the Theory of Transformation and it's Relevance to Both Sequencing and Teaching

– Prana: The Vital Life-force Energy - Discover the Ways in Which it Travels Through the Body and Why This is Important with Sequencing

– Review of Basic Anatomy - Including the Biomechanics of Human Motion

– Learn the General Arc Structure and Why All Styles of Asana Practice Should Follow This Structure

– Unleash Your Inherent Creativity and Discover How to Use it as a Source of Inspiration

– Explore Alternative Tools for When You're Feeling Less Than Inspired

– Learn How to Create a Sequence the Fully Supports Your Intention, and Why It's Vitally Important that Poses Aren't Just "Thrown In" to Make-up Time

– Advance Your Asana Practice and Learn How to Offer Advanced Poses, Even if They Aren't in Your Practice

– Discover How to Accommodate Your Teaching to Match the Needs of Each Individual Student

– Explore Various Techniques for Enhancing Your Verbal Cues

– And So Much More...

Hi, I’m Lisa, Your Course Facilitator

I was never very athletic as a child or teen, and when I first began my yogic journey I couldn't even touch my toes. I fell in love with the physical challenge provided by Vinyasa Yoga, and after practicing for several years, I eventually set-off to India to complete my first 200hr TTC in Traditional Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa. I left that training feeling completely unprepared to sequence even just for my own personal practice, let alone something I could guide others through.

With the feeling that there was so much more to learn, I continued studying as much and as often as I could. Completing several other trainings in different categories both in person and online. I love the idea of online trainings; their adaptability, availability and convenience mean that I can have more than one on the go at any given time, and I often do.

I have many teachers to whom I am infinitely grateful, for the sharing of their knowledge and consistent support and guidance along my journey. This course is a culmination of their insights, practiced and cultivated into what I truly believe will serve the multitude of students who finish a YTT and feel similarly unprepared to begin creating sequences that are intelligent, creative and transformational.